Daily Meditation for February 23, 2023

Recently, a friend told me that she walks slowly to her window each morning ready to greet the world anew. And secondly, to ask God what surprises he had for her that day. I was delighted with her idea and have been imitating her morning ritual as I, too, lift the blinds to a wonderfully positive sight: diamonds in newly fallen snow, or the lights of snow blowers and snowplows or small machines that spread salt on ice, so that our employees do not have an accident or fall on their way to work. I may see a deer or squirrels or rain in January, icicles six to seven feet long, or two cardinals splashing in the water collecting on the sidewalk. I’m grateful for my friend’s ritual and, because of my growing awareness, recognize that the day may branch out to other “surprises” that lift my heart: a ride to a dental appointment, a good report from a doctor, a loving smile or conversation with another, or more diamonds in the snow all around us.

By Renée Domeier, OSB