Daily Meditation for February 17, 2023

In checking the calendar’s list of activities for February 17, among the many suggested activities for the day, the most inviting was “Random Acts of Kindness Day.” You may have already performed any number of these deeds. Whether it was in your own home, place of work, or perhaps in a school environment, someone or several individuals may have been the recipient of your acts. On the flip side, perhaps you have been the recipient of another person or persons doing these same acts of random kindnesses. You may still be savoring a sense of gratitude to the individuals who gifted you with such an unexpected action. These kind acts add a positive dimension in people’s life whether it is the person sharing of him/herself in such actions or one who has received them. The apostle St. John frequently reminds us in his letters of the importance of neighborly love. Random acts of kindness do exactly that.

By Philip Zimmer, OSB