Daily Meditation for February 15, 2023

February, with its celebration of Valentine’s Day, is often filled with surprises, gifts and words of love and friendship. We live in a world with many nations at war, where immigrants wait at borders, where Afghan women are banned from higher education, where those who are homeless wait in the cold for a bite to eat, and where pain, loneliness, violence and rejection are commonplace. Giving and receiving words and gestures of love and friendship often get us through the dark days in our lives and help us to endure life’s struggles and challenges. Receiving the gift of love from another calls us to become that gift to those around us, especially those who feel alone and unloved. May we share the love of Valentine’s Day every day. In the words of composer, Marty Haugen, “May love be our song and love our prayer and love, our endless story.”

By Mary Weidner, OSB