Daily Meditation for February 6, 2023

Mark’s Gospel for today highlights Jesus’ power as a healer. He is in the countryside and the word gets around. People have heard of His wondrous deeds—the grapevine is in session—and they hasten to bring themselves and their sick neighbors to Jesus. This shows a clear trust in Jesus’ compassionate power and a loving concern for their neighbors. One translation has it that the people “scurried about” to bring the sick to Jesus. Hurried movement is implied here, a sense of urgency. And, we are assured, Jesus healed all who were brought to him, even those who only touched the hem of his garment. One can imagine the ongoing hustle and bustle, perhaps even confusion as people milled around, with Jesus being in the midst of it all. And that is exactly where we will find Him: in our neighbors and the center of all life.

By Carol Berg, OSB