Daily Meditation for January 27, 2023

Today, a friend mentioned that January is “Holy Hibernation” month. Then, my first computer message was from Bro. David Steindl-Rast. It read: “May you grow still enough to hear the small noises earth makes in preparing for the long sleep of winter, so that you yourself may grow calm and grounded deep within.” We Northeners tend to hunker down in our warm houses, decline invitations, stay in a comfortable chair, and think our own thoughts. It is also a good time to read intriguing stories. Next to my chair is What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton wherein she describes how difficult it is for a woman to campaign for the presidency, as well as the strength to be drawn from family life and friendships. Hillary shows how dangerous the forces are that shaped the 2016 election and the importance of protecting democracy in the future. Holy Hibernation month:  What are your choices as you begin the long sleep of winter?

By Renée Domeier, OSB