The Lonely Christmas Tree

Today is January 7, and the Christmas tree is lonely.

Where did everybody go?
No more gifts under the branches makes it lonely.
Are the baubles still on the branches?
Are the lights still working?

People used to stop by to see the beautiful branches decorated with a pretty chain and colored bulbs. Where are they now?

Children used to sit near the gifts and shake them a little to try to guess what they were getting for Christmas. What happened to them?

What’s happening all around?
So, what does it all mean?
What will happen to me?

My life was way too short once they cut me off from the source. Was it only or not even a month ago? They selected me from among my friends and carried me off to a warm environment, feeding me water so the branches stayed fresh and green.

Why was I selected? Who am I to them? Did my short life have meaning?

Some of the branches and short needles are turning brown. If the beautiful green disappears, then what? Will the tree of me be used for another purpose? If so, what?

Mary Jane Berger, OSB

Photo: A Christmas tree in the Gathering Place before it was decorated, taken by Amanda Hackett