Daily Meditation for January 16, 2023

“New” is a word used to describe many things. We may have a new idea or obtain something that is “brand new.” We speak of a “new age” and “breaking new ground.” We can breathe “new life” into a project or develop a “new lease” on life. All these sayings indicate something fresh or original. In this new year we are now beginning, every sunrise offers a fresh start and new opportunities. We might discover delightful surprises if we look at everything and everyone as something or someone new that we are seeing for the first time. Likewise, if we look at everything as though it were the last time we will see it, we may grow in new respect for it. How different our lives might be if we began each day with joy and anticipation, believing that this new day will be the best day of our lives.

By Mary Weidner, OSB