Daily Meditation for January 4, 2023

“Why did God make you?” “God made me to know…love…and to serve him in this world and to be happy with him forever in the next” (Baltimore Catechism, No. 1).

From an African woman: “God made me because God thought I’d like it” (Source unknown).

“Yes,” said God, “I thought you’d like:

  • January for a fresh start and blessings of a new year.
  • People who hold you as special and people you care about.
  • Wisdom you gain from celebrations, accomplishments, disappointments, physical suffering, fractured relationships…
  • The wonders of your body
  • Sunsets, mountains, oceans, snowflakes, stones, puppies and salamanders…
  • Moments when I touch you to let you know I’m with you
  • Joy you will come into when you die.”

And I respond: “I praise you, so wonderfully you made me; wonderful are your works!” (Ps. 139:14).

by Mary Reuter, OSB