Daily Meditation for December 21, 2022

Praise to Christ Jesus, who was made welcome into our world when Mary said yes.

Told of God’s favor, told of God’s purpose, Mary said, “Tell me, how can this be?”
Told of the Spirit, told of the power, told of the promise, Mary said yes.

Yes to conceiving, yes to the body changing and growing, yes to the flesh.
Yes to the new life kicking within her, yes to the pleasure, yes to the pain.

Yes to the waiting, yes to the labor, yes to the birth.
Yes to the baby, yes to the future, yes to the world.

Told of Christ Jesus, told of the Spirit, can we say yes as Mary said yes?
Yes for our bodies, yes for our spirits, yes for the future, yes for right now?

Adapted from “And Mary Said Yes” by Richard Leach