Daily Meditation for December 20, 2022

Stop! Yes, stop! On these last days before the celebration of Christmas, there is often much hustle and bustle in our lives! We are busy with last-minute shopping, baking, decorating and cleaning as we anticipate gatherings with family and friends. On these busy days, it is important to take time to STOP! We may not be finished with all the seemingly necessary preparations for Christmas, but if we wait until everything is finished, we will never stop. Our work will never be completely finished, and so we need to make a deliberate decision to stop. On these final days of Advent, may we stop long enough to notice the simple gifts of each day: beauty of new-fallen snow, greeting cards received from old friends, the delight on a child’s face. Most of all, may our hearts overflow with joy and gratitude for the true reason for this season.

By Mary Weidner, OSB