Daily Meditation for December 16, 2022

Hurry, hurry, hurry! That’s what life seems to be about some days or some weeks. What happens when we hurry? We miss details around us and do not notice that someone is hurting or has been hurt. Sometimes a flip remark can cause another person a serious wound, but the one who delivers the remark does not take notice. Hurrying stops us from enjoying the life around us. What did Jesus do in the face of people rushing to see him? He fled to the mountains and listened to His Father. In the desert, he prayed for all of us. We must love one another and not be too engrossed in the pace that living can cause us. For example, at Christmas time, the rush to find gifts or make cookies for our families can make us frantic, but thinking of the child to come will make us pause.

by Mary Jane Berger, OSB