Daily Meditation for December 14, 2022

Remember when you got your first pair of ice skates? Putting on the heavy socks, lacing up the stiff leather, then wobbling out to the ice, with someone holding your hand as you begin to glide. Falling down and learning to pick yourself up on the slippery surface. Looking around to see people twirling, jumping, skating backwards, while you have all you can do to keep on ploughing forward. You hear the scrape of runners over the ice, the laughing, the calling, some music. In the back of your mind, you are getting the idea that someday this is going to be fun! Much of life is like this: difficult at first, requiring practice and patience, needing a hand to hold, falling down and getting up. And finally finding the fun in it all. Let’s thank the Creator for Minnesota treasures: cold and snow and big patches of gleaming ice.

By a Sister of Saint Benedict