Daily Meditation for December 12, 2022

Last month, we celebrated Thanksgiving, which some people name as their very favorite holiday. Why? Maybe they have experienced the truth of the catchy line that “Gratitude is the attitude of beatitude.” Whatever the reason, their choice of this favorite holiday highlights the importance of giving thanks. In the familiar parable of Jesus healing the 10 lepers, all 10 must have noticed they were healed, and they were surely all glad because of it. But only one of the 10 responded to his fresh new skin by turning back to thank God and acknowledge Jesus’ gift of healing. An abiding awareness of the gifts we receive, and a habit of expressing sincere appreciation for them, creates a positive, lifegiving environment. It expresses our trust in abundance, rather than a fear of scarcity. Thankfulness is a spirituality—a spirituality that lasts not just for a single day, but for a lifetime

By Delores Dufner, OSB