Daily Meditation for December 9, 2022

When days are sunny, people generally sense a happy atmosphere, and dreary weather causes the opposite. November is a month with more dreary, gloomy days. Some persons claim November is a “thin time” when God’s presence can be especially sensed. There are also “thin places” that have special energy, where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin, and where the boundary between heaven and earth seems especially open. I wonder what would happen if we began to think of ourselves as a thin time or place? For example: Think of yourself as especially open to the spiritual world and God’s presence while you are interacting with your colleagues at work, doing chores with your children, having a leisurely dinner with your spouse or best friend. How would the experience be different for you and for the persons with you? Are there ways to practice this openness?

By Josue Behnen, OSB