Life Lessons Learned Through a Game of Cards

At the age of 94, my mom still loves a good game of cards.

As a child, I remember her monthly Bridge games with neighbors or a church group; she continues to play Bridge every week. I remember as a child that during the summer, on weekends, when we were at our cabin, the lady next door would come over to visit. During this time, she and mom played multiple games of Double Solitaire every Saturday morning.

Growing up, my siblings and I learned a variety of different card games. The game of cards always included lessons on being a good sport whether you won or lost. Now when I go home to visit mom, she is always ready for a game of Two-Handed Rummy. At times, she needs reminders of what the wild card is, yet this does not take away her enjoyment of playing or her skill of winning.

A game of cards with my mom brings back other childhood memories. Some significant memories are her daily examples of living with faith, love and trust in God. As a child, I observed her regular church attendance and love of volunteering for a variety of organizations. Today she continues to teach me to trust in God through her daily prayer. Comparing these life lessons from childhood, the living traditions of our monastic community lead me to growth in my faith, love and trust in God.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: Sisters Betty Larson (left) and Adelia Sirek playing a friendly game of cards, taken by Sister Lisa Rose