Daily Meditation for December 6, 2022

Sometimes we simply need God to show up, in a way we recognize, when we are struggling with something. Sometimes, we try to define how God shows up, set expectations around that, and miss the whole thing. We need the presence and reassurance of a big God who can help us through big things, and we expect God to show up in big ways. But oftentimes, God shows up in small ways, quietly: a conversation, something we read, nature, a song. The ways God shows up are as varied as the people seeking God, and we can learn to listen and recognize God’s coming when invited. Listen mindfully, intentionally aware of what’s happening in and around us. Jeremiah 29:13 tells us, “When you look for me you will find me.” With practice, we learn how to recognize God’s presence and trust that God will indeed show up.

By Julianne Gilbert, OSB