Daily Meditation for December 5, 2022

Today’s Gospel tells a story guaranteed to lift heart and mind in tribute to boundless faith and love. What a dramatic event that is described: A group of men carry their paralyzed friend to see Jesus, in hope of a cure. As usual, a crowd is surrounding Jesus, and the situation seems bleak for trying to get their friend up close to Him; they are unable to bring him in through the regular doorway. But ingenuity wins out: They climb to the rooftop and take apart some tiles, creating a hole big enough for them to lower their friend on his pallet. What great persistence and concern! Whether we call these men’s action risk-taking, innovative or just plain loving, we are taught a major lesson: No matter the obstacle, persevere in seeking Jesus. We must ask: Do we extend ourselves enough to bring us and others closer to Him?

By Carol Berg, OSB