Daily Meditation for November 24, 2022

You may know his name and appearance from Star Trek. He is also the oldest person to have ever left earth in a space capsule. He is 91-year-old William Shatner, who in 2021 came back to earth with a message that has left me sad. He too expressed great sadness when he said, “I came out of the spaceship, overwhelmed by a feeling and started to weep. I didn’t know why I was crying, it took me a couple of hours to figure out what was happening to me. Then I realized I was in grief for this beautiful world that I could see more clearly from up in space… This planet that took five billion years to evolve… and to know that we are destroying it.” Indeed, do we all need to weep as the ways we humans are taking our Mother Earth for granted? I believe so.

By Renée Domeier, OSB