Daily Meditation for November 23, 2022

Just before Thanksgiving Day, a newspaper food editor received a phone call from a young woman asking how long it takes to roast a 19.5 pound turkey. “Just a minute,” replied the food editor as she consulted a chart on the wall. “Thanks a lot,” replied the caller as she hung up.

Imagine what that turkey tasted like after only one minute of being cooked; perhaps a sign of our times. We want quick, instant foods, instant services, and even quicker worship services. Most everything is done in haste. Could we for once slow down our prayers, especially our prayers of thanksgiving, by preheating the oven of our hearts, even stuff our prayers with a hand full of gratitude, seasoned with humility and offered in faith and love? This sort of prayer requires more than a minute of our time. Let’s try taking time to pray a heartfelt “thank you” this thanksgiving day.

By Joyce Iten, OSB