Daily Meditation for November 21, 2022

This is the week when, as a nation, we pause of offer thanks for the many and myriad gifts with which we’ve been blessed in this time of our lives. Let’s take a different spin on the word “Thanksgiving.” Reverse the order to “Givingthanks.” By finding ways to reach out to others who would appreciate help is a manner of ones expressing gratitude for the gifts we have been given. This has often been done by groups who share the day by serving a meal to all who wish to come together. Going beyond this social activity, one can find individual ways to reach out, also. It’s facing the challenge to find some unique way to go beyond the ordinary routine to touch the life of another. At the end of Thanksgiving Day, sit back and be grateful that you were able to make the day special by Givingthanks through some act of kindness.

By Philip Zimmer, OSB