Daily Meditation for November 14, 2022


Sometimes change and anxiety move into our lives, and kick out trust in ourselves and in God. Uninvited change often brings along discord, and we realize how complicated it can be; sometimes pleasant and exciting, sometimes demanding, unpredictable and frightening. When anxiety accompanies the chaos, we lose perspective of what is true and what part is our feelings about the truth. However, we have more choices in restoring peacefulness to our lives than it might feel like. We can take daily quiet time and pray to re-center our day in God’s presence. We can look and listen for how God shows up in what we read, interactions, and events of the day. We can take a deep breath, pray for guidance, trust God’s promises to be with us in all things, and start over. We can let go and trust God is in each moment, and be grateful.

By Julianne Gilbert, OSB