Daily Meditation for November 8, 2022

Nearly every news program is reporting natural disasters throughout the world: forest fires, floods caused by hurricanes and heavy rain with severe drought in other areas, melting glaciers, high temperatures affecting food supplies. Scientists warn that human and animal survival is in the balance. Clearly our planet is ailing. Some of us have needed to adapt our lives to a physical illness. In a similar way, we are all being called to adapt our lives to threatening environmental changes. This involves opening our minds and hearts to study global warming and understand the issues. Actions we can take include making lower climate impact an important consideration in major purchases such as vehicles, appliances and electronics. Sustainability becomes important in our choices of food, energy and other consumables. Our hobbies and travel can be made easier on the environment. And we can be powerful citizens by supporting and voting for decision-makers who favor needed changes. May the Creator inspire and assist us.

By Josue Behnen, OSB