Daily Meditation for November 7, 2022

Election time is charged with strong opinions, voicing of convictions, and often filled with great divisions. God has put a strong desire in each of us to seek and pursue what we feel is best for the good of all. And yet we know there is great diversity about the ways to bring about the common good. Our faith assures us that God loves, honors and respects each of us for our convictions. It takes a great deal of wisdom to see beyond our differences and to realize that we are united in our work for the common good. Wisdom is seeing as God sees—that diversity is good and that we are connected as one even if we have opposite convictions. Election time is a good time to open our eyes and hearts to love and respect each person and their convictions. Julian of Norwich, a 14th century famous English mystic would say, “All will be well.” For God is with us in peace, love, unity, and wanting the common good.

By Marlene Meierhofer, OSB