Daily Meditation for November 2, 2022

“God is grateful for you.” These words spoken to Maia by a former teacher jarred her into a new perspective. She was familiar with “God loves you.” Sure, God loves everyone and everything. That’s what God does. But grateful for me? Who I am and what I do make a difference to God? It’s hard to believe that God is thankful for the trivia that make up my day: mowing the lawn, chauffeuring my kids to school activities, hugging my husband when we meet in the evening, listening to upsets from coworkers, being patient about our cat’s scratches on our backdoor. I trust such actions help make life gracious for others. But what significance are they to God? The calendar is pointing to Thanksgiving, a special day when we express gratitude for blessings. As we thank we might also hear God say, “You are a blessing. I am grateful for you.”

By Mary Reuter, OSB