Daily Meditation for October 31, 2022

During October, we are offered the flu shot to protect us from the flu bug. The flu shot alone may not be sufficient to protect us completely. Good hygiene and healthy habits will also help to protect us from the flu. Using the means at hand helps when trying to stay healthy—unlike the man who refused help in being rescued from his flooded home, saying to each of his three rescuers: “Thanks for the offer, but God will save me” as the man climbed unto his roof to escape the flood waters. In the end, the man drowned and found himself standing before God. The man asked God why he didn’t save him from drowning. God replied: “I sent help three times and each time you refused.” Recognizing, accepting and using the help at hand is a great way to honor God’s offer to bring comfort and healing into our lives, including the flu shot.

By Joyce Iten, OSB