Daily Meditation for October 27, 2022

In Aunt Gina’s classroom, all students are gifted and talented. Joe, a college sophomore, asked his Aunt Gina how she used her master’s degree in gifted and talented education in her fifth-grade classroom. She immediately assured him she did not have a special gifted and talented group because she wanted her students to realize they were all gifted and talented. She told Joe that the very first day, she’d have the students identify something they were good in or something they really enjoyed learning about. She would have them demonstrate this talent of theirs in art projects, a writing assignments, or in a class presentations. Gina smiled as she shared that students began complimenting each other for the growth they saw in one another. Each of us has made great progress since fifth grade. How can we continue to share our gifted and talented selves with the people now in our lives?

By Lois Wedl, OSB