Daily Meditation for October 26, 2022

Since mid-July, we have been receiving never before imagined photos from the distant universe via the James Webb telescope. Scientists, astronomers and space engineers began work on this giant series of mirrors and cameras in 2004. Named for pioneer in the NASA space program, James Webb (1906–1992), strong imagination and hard work have given us the new telescope. Experts tell us that we are now seeing “a stellar nursery—where stars are born.” Age-old questions seeking answers are again coming under scrutiny: Where do we come from? Are we alone in the cosmos? One of the astronomers on the project was heard to say, “Yes, we expect to find evidence of life out there…maybe not human but yes, life.” Do you think that we are alone in the cosmos or did/does the creator fling life to other planets beyond the Milky Way? The Creator may have secrets yet to be shared!

By Judy Kramer, OSB