Daily Meditation for October 25, 2022

Fall makes me think of aging. And listening to Alan Jackson makes me think he agrees. Here’s the first verse of his song, “The Older I Get”: “The older I get the more I think you only get a minute, better live while you’re in it. ‘Cause it’s gone in a blink.” Jackson proclaims that not money, cars or possessions, but people we love and who love us, are our lasting treasures. We will likely have fewer friends as we age. We cherish those who have stayed with us. Neither would he drink from any fountain of youth if it were such, since his best years are yet to come: perhaps another grandchild running into his arms or more family reunions filled with laughter and pride. Why are you grateful today for the life you’ve been given? Does all remind you of your blessings?

By Renée Domeier, OSB