Daily Meditation for October 24, 2022

Just recently, a friend, Dorene, heard someone who speaks softly and not often, say to herself, “Ask for what you need.” Immediately cognizant of the wisdom of such a statement, Dorene encouraged the person to be clear about this idea. Most people want to feel they can fulfill a need for someone. In fact, they feel complimented that they were chosen to be asked. What needs are the most common and relatively easy to fulfill? Requests for prayer can be added to a list without much trouble. Money might be more difficult to come by, but usually any other tangibles between prayer and money can be done. What about favors? Almost everyone is glad to cover for another. Maybe a sub is needed to pick up kids after school, or baked brownies need to be done for the next PTA meeting. No problem, really because as we place our hope in God, we ask a friend for what we need.

By Mary Jane Berger, OSB