Daily Meditation for October 19, 2022

Last Sunday was National Bosses’ Day. Most of us have had a variety of bosses in our lifetime, and some of us are called on to be the boss in our work situation. What makes a good boss? In an essay published in 1970, Robert Greenleaf coined the term “servant leadership.” He described good bosses as those who see themselves as servants, devoting themselves to the needs of others and bringing out the best in their workers. Servant leadership is not a self-serving or domineering way of leading. It respects and values the work and ideas of others, encouraging them to reach their full potential and perform at their best. It requires good listening skills. A good servant leader often inspires those served to become servant leaders themselves. If you have experienced a boss who truly was a servant leader, now is a good time to express your gratitude!

By Mary Weidner, OSB