Daily Meditation for October 18, 2022

Trust is the theme of many readings from Scripture. One example is the poor widow of Zarephath who is asked by the prophet Elijah to give him some food. He assures her that she will have enough for her and her son if she shares with Elijah. She trusts Elijah’s word and they have sufficient food! Another example is the poor widow who gives the little she has, while the rich give only what they want to give from their surplus. What is the message for us today? It is a message and a challenge. Do we give until it hurts, or do we just give from our surplus? In our support of the Church and its ministries, do we give all that we can, or do we just give a minimal amount? Besides a monetary gift, what else can we give? Do we trust God to fill our needs when we willingly share with others?

By Betty Larson, OSB