Daily Meditation for October 13, 2022

Though it’s been weeks, it seems only a moment ago that we heard sandhill cranes burbling in the freshly harvested grain field to the West. The field to the South provided an avian rest stop for a gaggle of honking Canadian geese on their way to their winter home. With plenty of seeds, grains and sedges, it must have been a temptation to linger in such dietary delights. In the early morning, the frogs (could it have been frogs?) sounded happy for the late end-of-summer rains. Even now, the cicadas still can’t stop singing their evening autumn sonata. Everybody has something to say—and they all have their chance to say it. There’s a song, “All God’s critters got a place in the choir—some sing low and some sing higher…” Imagine the symphony we’d have if every human voice had a “place in the choir.”

By Christian Morris, OSB