Plowing the Field

On the first evening of my retreat in September, I watched as a farmer was plowing the field in front of the hermitage where I was staying for the week. As I observed the tractor move up and down the field on a beautiful evening, the landscape was changing before my eyes.

It was fascinating to watch: the tall grass cut down as the was earth being turned under. As I watched, the landscape was becoming something unique unto itself. This experience had me wondering: “How I will be transformed during my week of retreat?”

The extended time allows me to experience longer periods of prayer, and I tend to listen to God more concretely during a retreat. This plowing experience I observed gave me the opportunity to ask, “How will I be plowed to deepen my relationship with God? What new growth will I experience in the coming weeks and months following my retreat?”

As the farmer is preparing the field for the next year’s crop, this year’s growth is plowed and will nurture the new crop to be planted in the spring. So, with my time spent in prayer this week, I am being prepared for the next stage in my faith journey. The foundation of my faith, as a plant that develops deep roots, needs to be nurtured for me to go into a deeper relationship with God.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: The plowed field, taken by Sister Lisa Rose