Daily Meditation for October 4, 2022

“Where are you, Mom? I can’t see you? I don’t know where to look for you? I’m scared,” Kate cried within herself. She became panicky as she tried to locate where she and her parents were seated before they left to distribute communion. Twelve-year-old Kate, differently-able, held the plate as her mother served. Afterwards she tried to return to her pew; Mom and Dad hadn’t arrived yet. Kate couldn’t find it. Ann, alert to an imminent crisis, came to Kate’s side, gently put her arm around her, spoke reassuringly to her and pointed toward Mom and Dad as they returned. Tension eased from Kate’s shoulders and her face relaxed. After a few minutes, both walked forward to reunite Kate with her parents. Her mother’s arms hugged her while the congregation was singing the communion hymn: “May we who eat be bread for others. May we who drink pour out our love” (Bernadette Farrell).

By Mary Reuter, OSB