Daily Meditation for January 5, 2022

An elderly man walked boldly across the street, his white cane guiding him. A woman of similar age hobbled with him, clutching his arm for support, her eyes on the green light. Together they reached their destination. Life involves walking the streets of our lives together. Some walk sure of step while not seeing well. Others are unsteady though they can see. We are a community of various gifts and skills by which we can help each other cross the streets of our days. Some listen with care; others speak with insight. Some play with color that speaks its voice uniquely to each of us. Some plant gardens, listen to it grow, and harvest produce to feed family and friends. St. Paul reminds us: There are many gifts and activities; all are from the Spirit. We are hands, eyes, and feet. Through all, we serve the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 12).

By Mary Reuter, OSB