Daily Meditation for January 3, 2022

Last night, a cold came down over the land…after a mellow autumn. The grass had hard frost, there were patches of ice visible on the sidewalk. Though there was cloud cover and though the wind was from the south, this cold seemed hard. Little snow, but most noticeable is the lack of any wildlife, no squirrels around, plus not a single sound from the usual crow calling to another crow. More and more often, the question surfaces: Where are the animals, the birds? Where is the winter life? Deer show up near the woods on occasion and are glad for the little snow cover that hides their food. But the cycle says this harsh cold stillness is necessary: it puts fields and woods to sleep so everything can rest and ready itself for a new year of giving life. Work without intermittent rest does not produce the effect we hope. There is a reason for a Sunday each week.

By Josue Behnen, OSB