Not All is Lost

St. Anthony strengthens my belief in God. St. Anthony answers every request I’ve ever pleaded. God is not so quick to answer. Anthony’s answers, each one of them, has made me believe there is a God.

For those not familiar with Anthony’s talents, he is the saint many Catholic children were taught to pray to when something was lost. For those who know what kind of theological training I’ve had are surprised I have this relationship with Anthony. Eyes roll and questions like, “You still believe in that stuff?” are common so I don’t tell many people about my theological background. I just believe.

Now, mind you, I started out asking about a lost jumping rope, or a favorite barrette. I’m way past that. I lost my passport in Israel. I lost one of my children’s birth certificates. I lost my wedding ring. All found in unusual places.

Ten years ago, I lost a cap from one of my teeth. I called my dentist right away. Not to lose the cap, I put it in an envelope, sealed it. Wrote my name, the contents and my dentist’s name on the outside and put it in my purse. On the morning of my dental appointment, I couldn’t find that envelope. I panicked and looked everywhere. Arriving at my dentist’s office, I dreaded to go in. Not only would I have to admit apparent carelessness but I’d have to pay for a brand new one.

I began to tell her what happened. She laughed. “I wondered why you dropped it off before your appointment!” WHAT? I told her about losing it and she told me about the envelope showing up on the counter in the waiting room. How did that happen? My dentist is Jewish. I didn’t tell her about St. Anthony.

Most recently, I lost an important check. I was frantic. I laid out plastic on the kitchen floor and dumped two trash bags and fine-tooth combed through cat poop and an array of wet and dry flotsam. Nothing. I tore the house apart. I texted Jeannie and told her what happened. Jeannie told me to pray to Anthony, “He moves things.” I already tapped out my welcome with Anthony and, for the first time, was ready to dump him. I was serious.

I had a strange text. It was from Amazon. “Your package is in your mailbox.” Amazon never left packages in my mailbox. NEVER! In 28 years, packages have always been brought to the front porch. I retrieved the package and underneath it was an envelope with my check!!!! I was stunned. There it was.

All I know is that if I get lost on my way to eternal bliss, all I have to do is call on Anthony and he’ll find me.

Pat Pickett, OblSB

Photo by Pixabay