Blessing Quilt

To celebrate my perpetual profession in 1989, I invited community members, family and friends to assist me in making a blessing quilt. Everyone responded to my request and made a quilt square for me. Each quilt square holds a special memory or tells a story unique to the individual who designed it.

No two squares are alike; one has roses on it from my mom, and another is a counted cross stitch prayer from my dad. The technique used for each square varied. Some were painted while others were appliqued, and some were stuffed to give it a dimensional appearance.

My mom and I sewed the 40 squares together creating the quilt top. I requested the help of several sisters to do the quilting part, connecting the top to the bottom. Outlining the patterns in each unique square was fun. I was able to share stories about each square as we worked together around the quilting frame. I was sorry when we finished the project because in sharing stories, I was making new memories with the sisters. Sharing stories about the quilt was an experience of prayer and community as we worked together.

The quilt has been on my bed for the past 33 years, and yes, it is showing its wear. The beauty and blessings the quilt holds for me will live on forever in my heart.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: S. Lisa’s blessing quilt