Praying for An End to Gun Violence

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, the Pentecost, I was invited to attend a special prayer gathering at the St. Joseph Church Rectory lawn. The purpose was to pray for a control of guns to stop the epidemic of killing by guns. What I experienced was a heartbreaking experience of people suffering from the uncontrolled killing of innocent people throughout our country, bringing unbearable pain to countless families.

People present were determined to not let this issue fade as it has done in the past. I believe the more people who are with them to keep this need in the news and group activities that bring Congress to action are vital to our future.

With prayers from everyone, involvement where possible, and trust in God, this is possible. We all share the responsibility to protect and care for one another.

Stephanie Mongeon, OSB

Photo: The monastery gates during Wear Orange Weekend, taken by Amanda Hackett