Enter Into the Quiet of a Yearly Retreat

Every year at Saint Benedict’s Monastery, we take time for a retreat. For this reason, a week is typically set aside for more focused spiritual growth. This means a week away from work commitments; in other words, time set aside to deepen our relationship with God. A sister may choose to participate in a large community retreat, usually during the summer, or decide to make her own private retreat. There is also the option of a directed retreat or a Centering Prayer retreat. No matter what type of retreat a sister chooses, she is encouraged to enter the sacred time with an open heart and spirit.

To simply slow down can be a challenge for me. I tend to keep a full schedule, balancing prayer, work, and community life every day. This routine is so ingrained within me that to step away from the daily takes a different type of discipline. I know that by stepping away from the computer and other daily distractions, I am opening myself to God. Moving out of the usual work schedule, which can be full of noise and conversation, to ease into the quiet routine of a retreat schedule is rewarding. It is not always easy to slow down, yet slowing down allows me to pay more attention to God at work in my life.

If you would like more information about our common journey, please contact Sister Lisa Rose at lrose@csbsju.edu.

Lisa Rose, OSB