Daily Meditation for May 30, 2022

On Stones and People: A number of churches in this area are constructed of stones and, of course, people. The first of these makes the structure that provides the space for the people to gather for communal worship. A person’s reflection on the significance of the stones may deepen while taking time to gaze on the structure. There are stones of many sizes, shapes, and colors forming a lovely pattern in the church’s walls. Isn’t that what forms and shapes our places of worship? It takes people of many backgrounds, ethnic groups, and ages to form a worshipping body. The next time you gather at your place of worship, look around, offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for having created such a variety of beautiful people in your place of prayer. And in that prayer of thanksgiving, give glory and honor to Christ, who in Psalm 118 is acknowledged as “The stone rejected by the builders that has become the Cornerstone.”

By Philip Zimmer, OSB

Photo: Property of the Church of St. Joseph, St. Joseph, Minn. Used with permission.