Daily Meditation for May 23, 2022

Autumn wore dull brown leaves—leaves that crunched underfoot. Dust from the dry ground and dead vegetation assured us hikers that fall was here to stay. Suddenly a patch of cleared earth appeared. A blooming violet claimed middle stage. It demanded space to stand erect and challenge threatening feet. In the midst of dying plants, life was continuing. “Easter!” It is possible all around us. The suffering of boredom can birth perseverance and new creativity. The discomfort of dental work can stir appreciation for easing pain and the skill of dentist. Studying long hours can bring learning. Harassment in the workplace can push to seeking justice. Compassion can seep through atrocities in the Ukraine. Are such instances where Easter can slip or explode into our lives? Look around. Notice Easter happening. Now do you believe Jesus who said he brings us—all of us—more abundant life daily (John 10:10)?

By Mary Reuter, OSB