Daily Meditation for May 20, 2022

“As busy as a bee” is a common way of describing an intense work ethic. We are alerted by the buzzing when a bee dives into a blossom bursting with perfume and nectar, to gather food for the hive. Bees teach us the ultimate lesson that it takes a community to succeed. No one bee can thrive alone. In their various roles and jobs, they work together to build the hive, scan their surroundings and share information, collect and store food, and pollinate plants to continue the growth cycle. Their lives are the essence of reciprocity. We can become much more effective if we gather like a buzzing colony of bees and work collectively to get and protect resources. By sharing information and experiences, we can have a positive impact in our environment. Let’s learn from God’s splendid creatures, the bees, how to live in the world with purpose, power and responsibility.

By Mary Jackle, OSB