Daily Meditation for May 16, 2022

Fear breeds suspicion. Suspicion wants distance; but as the at refugee crossing points on the southern border a wonderful conversion is experienced! As the refugees arrive on buses from the detention centers, they file out silently. They huddle in family groups and neither touch nor speak to others. They fall into lines for they are accustomed to waiting endlessly in lines. However within hours of arrival they move about freely, chat, help each other with cell phones, eat heartily, and encourage their children to play. And when confirmation of their ticket to the destination of their sponsor arrives, and at last the taxi or shuttle bus arrives to take them to the airport or depot, squeals of delight arise! Indiscriminate hugs, back pats and hand clasps are exchanged. Full body hugs with each other, and with the staff and attendants at the center are poured out. A strong hug replaces tears, smiles and words. New hope erupts!

By Judy Kramer, OSB