Daily Meditation for May 13, 2022

“Nothing ever stays the same,” a familiar phrase we might hear from people who are experiencing several major changes in their lives at the same time. Sometimes these words express a person’s unhappiness and anxiety with change, and sometimes the words express joy and excitement at the opportunity to try something new. For example, there was Roger, an eighth-grade student who loved sameness and predictability. It was unsettling for him when the seating arrangement in the classroom changed or the class schedule would shift. Then there was a teacher, Mary, who was experiencing a divorce. Mary often would talk with the school principal after classes searching for some answers to the changes in her life and how to deal with her anger and grief. Change frequently brings a challenge and a hope for something good to come from the change. Maybe it is a good thing for us when “nothing ever stays the same.”

By Joyce Iten, OSB