Daily Meditation for May 12, 2022

In one of Pope Francis’ general audiences, he emphatically stated: “Do not let yourself be robbed of hope.” Some people struggle to believe in a better life when so many things have seemingly been stacked against them. Chronic illness that gradually causes a deterioration in health is cause for discouragement. Those who can’t seem to budge mental illness know the agony of mounting stress when usual remedies fail. Vicariously experiencing others’ pain in war-torn Ukraine also tends to block hope. Yet, the Easter Season trumpets hope not only for eternity but for the current life of any and all peoples. The good news that pops the oppressive balloon of despair is renewed belief in a better time and the confidence that we all contribute to it! Kind consideration of others stirs hope for others. Standing up for struggling groups with advocacy initiatives demonstrates corporate concern. Hope is the food for the undernourished. How good it is to supply it benevolently.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB