Daily Meditation for May 11, 2022

YES! Magazine arrived this morning and it’s self-designation is that it is a journal for “people building a better world.” I find it so; it is so positive that even titles reveal their goal, thus encouraging me to read it from cover to cover. So often the articles are by and about the young members of society working to build this better world. Today’s cover portrays a colorful butterfly resting on a colorful flower and proclaiming: “YES! A new social justice: Resist, Reform, Build, Heal…Transformative justice.” All of this…My spirit even before reading some of the articles such as “Small work: 100 things you can do to help the climate crisis” or “New Momentum in the continuing March toward a more equitable society” or “Healing and self-love, one step at a time” or “We have come so far together.” And I am only halfway through the articles with enticing content. You may wish to get YES! Magazine or even purchase it for a young person who needs a way to join others to build a better world. Meanwhile I will sit in my recliner and be inspired!

By Renée Domeier, OSB