Eucharist Minister

I became a Eucharist minister as a student at the College of Saint Benedict. I would be minister for both the student and monastic Sunday liturgies. When I entered the monastery, I wanted to continue being a Eucharist minister, and my desire to continue was important for me to grow deeper into my faith journey. For example, when I present the body or blood of Christ to another, giving Christ to another in the form of bread or wine, is an opportunity for me to grow in my love of the Eucharist. I see the ministry as a gift of faith. An exchange of faith occurs with the one receiving what I offer as I say the words, “The Body of Christ.” I try to look into the eyes of the person, desiring to make a brief silent connection; if they look back into my eyes, I believe we have connected for that moment. Hearing their response, “Amen,” is their act of faith, which fills me with joy. When I am the one receiving the body and blood, I pray for peace within myself to become what I have received, a desire to be Christ for others. In ministering or receiving, I want to live and breathe new life with Christ.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: Sister Jean Schwartz serving as Eucharist minister