Daily Meditation for April 27, 2022

When we attend Mass, we are at a banquet where we are offered Holy Communion, or Eucharist. But at the end of the service, do any of us pay the bill for this banquet? Do we pass the bill around from one person to another, not wanting to take any personal responsibility for the cost of such a meal? Although we may have received Eucharist many times in our life, we do not ever see a bill at the end. Often it seems, Eucharist is a handout for which we expect to pay nothing. Perhaps we ought to leave an I.O.U. behind that reads: “I owe a gift of love that involves my whole self and I intend to pay my part by the way I respond with love to requests and needs brought to me each day.” May I remember to pick up and pay my tab instead of sneaking out without expecting to pay anything.

By Joyce Iten, OSB