Daily Meditation for April 21, 2022

While a dolphin is giving birth, another female dolphin acts as a midwife to help ensure that the newborn reaches the surface of the water to take its first breath. If the mother becomes exhausted, the “dolphin midwife” also helps her reach the surface so she can breathe.* At times, we, too, struggle to birth life—sewing a skirt, writing a chapter for a book, learning to ski, solving a math problem, overcoming an unwanted habit. Who are your midwives in such situations? Sometimes we feel overwhelmed when our hopes and enthusiasm are challenged. The “me” I know is threatened. We need midwives to keep us breathing and moving. They stand by—encouraging, challenging, and opening possibilities. How do your midwives support the  breathing and birthing of your life—in daily events, in challenging times? What do you do to midwife yourself…and others?


By Mary Reuter, OSB